4J Studios National Open Series - 21/08/2020 to 23/08/2020       
                           Nat Open 1 and 2                            
                       Meadowmill Sports Centre                        
Event 73  Mixed Discus Band A
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Points
  1 Alexander Mackay           M Inverness Ha            45.09m        
      40.64m  40.77m  41.28m  45.09m                                   
  2 Alister Mackay             M Inverness Ha            39.53m        
      39.53m  38.86m  37.10m  FOUL                                     
  3 Danny Gracie               M Border Harriers         38.60m        
      37.05m  37.90m  FOUL  38.60m                                     
  4 Andrew Murphy              M Kilbarchan Aac          38.57m        
      38.57m  FOUL  38.09m  FOUL                                       
  5 Alice Baxendale            W Vp-Glasgow AC           37.89m        
      FOUL  FOUL  37.89m  37.20m                                       
  6 Hayley Berry               W Vp-Glasgow AC           34.72m        
      33.45m  32.34m  34.72m  FOUL                                     
  7 Meghan Porterfield         W Vp-Glasgow AC           33.95m        
      33.95m  32.35m  FOUL  30.94m                                     
  8 William Hodi               M Nairn Area Aac          30.54m        
      27.03m  25.62m  FOUL  30.54m                                     
  9 Lewis Craigie              M Vp-Glasgow AC           26.42m        
      23.98m  26.42m  23.27m  FOUL                                     
 10 Liam Nolan T20             M Falkirk Vict            25.91m        
      22.57m  FOUL     25.91m  FOUL                                    
 11 Katie Matheson             W Vp-Glasgow AC           24.70m        
      24.70m  18.50m  FOUL  23.24m                                     
 12 Ellen Montgomery           W Central AC              20.36m        
      18.21m  16.90m  20.36m  19.56m                                   
 13 Kirsty Williams            W Corstorphine Aac        15.38m        
      15.38m  FOUL  13.60m  13.54m