4J Studios National Open Series - 21/08/2020 to 23/08/2020       
                           Nat Open 1 and 2                            
                       Meadowmill Sports Centre                        
Event 71  Mixed Javelin Band A
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Points
  1 Malcolm Downes             M Vp-Glasgow AC           40.19m        
      40.19m  31.12m  37.54m  34.95m                                   
  2 Callum Newby               M Edinburgh AC            37.87m        
      35.65m  37.18m  36.34m  37.87m                                   
  3 Emma Solley                W Edinburgh AC            32.55m        
      FOUL  28.60m  32.55m  FOUL                                       
  4 Lauryn Wood                W Perth Strath            29.36m        
      29.36m  27.21m  27.95m  25.72m                                   
  5 Victoria Anestik           W Falkirk Vict            29.04m        
      27.21m  28.03m  26.91m  29.04m                                   
  6 Leila Thompson             W Alnwick Harriers        27.64m        
      FOUL  25.34m  27.64m  FOUL                                       
  7 William Bailey             M Motherwell AC           27.23m        
      FOUL  27.23m  FOUL  24.56m                                       
  8 Lorna Brown                W Falkirk Vict            25.75m        
      25.75m  25.15m  24.96m  24.88m                                   
  9 Abbie Crawford             W Banchory Sto            25.64m        
      FOUL  FOUL  20.61m  25.64m                                       
 10 Caitlin MacKenzie          W Kilbarchan Aac          24.89m        
      21.03m  22.32m  24.89m  22.63m