4J Studios National Open Series - 21/08/2020 to 23/08/2020       
                           Nat Open 1 and 2                            
                       Meadowmill Sports Centre                        
Event 40  Mixed Shot Put Band B
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Points
  1 Murray Fotheringham        M Giffnock North AC       10.74m        
      10.74m  10.46m  10.35m  10.27m                                   
  2 Shannon Gough              W Law & District Aac      10.53m        
      10.14m  10.53m  9.25m  FOUL                                      
  3 William Hodi               M Nairn Area Aac          10.19m        
      9.34m  9.74m  10.19m  FOUL                                       
  4 Lucy McCormack             W Law & District Aac       9.44m        
      9.44m  8.89m  8.99m  8.87m                                       
  5 Claire Cameron             W Vp-Glasgow AC            9.34m        
      9.00m  9.34m  8.54m  8.79m                                       
  6 Anna Forbes                W Vp-Glasgow AC            9.25m        
      9.25m  8.80m  FOUL  9.17m                                        
  7 William Bailey             M Motherwell AC            8.40m        
      8.28m  8.40m  8.14m  7.90m                                       
  8 Zoe Loughrey               W Vp-Glasgow AC            8.19m        
      8.10m  7.45m  7.25m  8.19m                                       
  9 Brooke Dunlop              W Kilmarnock H&Ac          7.78m        
      7.40m  7.46m  7.21m  7.78m                                       
 10 Rosie Meyer                W Banchory Sto             7.77m        
      6.86m  7.09m  7.03m  7.77m                                       
 11 Freya Howgate F37          W Perth Strath             7.71m        
      7.71m  7.66m  7.30m  7.71m